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General questions

I have not had a chance to play with encryption 6.0 yet as I am waiting for 6.1 to be able to upgrade are 523 systems.  I did have some general question I thought someone might be kind enough to answer.  We currently deploy EPO by providing our Helpdesk filesets to run.    As of this point most Help Desk people have not been in the EPO Console.  Our current EPO structure is by containers using IP address ranges, not Active directory sync or anything else.  I would like to keep this structure and not have to change to accomidate encryption.  My questions are:

1.  Instead of deploying through EPO I am assuming I can extract the encryption MSI installer off of EPO and provide to the HelpDesk?

2.  In our current 523 EECP struction we split departments into separate containers and assign only the department user to their container.  Obviously this conflicts with our EPO layout by IP address as departments are spread over various ip ranges.  Is there a way to assign users based on tags? or computer name begins with?  Or am I looking at a redesign of EPO?

3.  In 523 managment console you create a fileset with different options,  occassionally we have some machines that need a special settings in the fileset like update mbr compatibility or some other stuff.  Do you still generate the new msi based installer like this or is there just a single installer that is not able to be modified?  Does offline/online installers exist for EPO?

4.  Is there a simple click on a computer object in EPO  to encrypt or decrypt a computer or do you have to create a task or move the computer to a container that has that task.  I am kind of thinking about how you deploy rogue sensors,  you can just select the computer and then select deploy rogue sensor.  That would be much nicer than scheuled tasks.  The auto encrypt does work well for us, and currently the help desk just has to run the EXE.  Just finding a computer object and select encrypt would be nice.

5.  In the 523 non epo managed system there isnt a way to sync the users password from ldap or AD?  just the ID and then it creates a generic password.  In the EPO version does the password also get pulled down with the ID or is it still the same?

I appreciate anyones input.

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Re: General questions

Based in the scope of your questions, I suggest to contact McAfee Professional services to obtain proper suggestions.

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