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Few questions about Drive Encryption

Hi All,

I'm trying to deploy DE on laptops within company I work for. So far I have been successful in deploying the software itself through client task in ePO.
However, few problems arise when I try to start enforcing encryption on laptops. Some are going fine, others cannot start at all. I have deployed DEGO alongside DE. According to ePO, all DEGO test has been successful on all hosts.
EPO shows state of those systems as "unknown" and one is as "inactive".

Another problem that I have got is changing password. It takes a lot of time and at least few agent updates to update PBA password with Windows password. Is there any way to speed up this process?

My last question is about updating DE. To 7.1 patch 3. Do I have to redeploy software packages or can I do it through product update task (I have checked available packages within product update and I could not find any related to DE apart from theme)?

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Re: Few questions about Drive Encryption

Does the encryption process not start or does the preboot authentication not start? DEGO I believe just takes a look at basic computer information and makes sure you don't have a bad HDD. Which version of Drive Encryption are you installing? Are the computers having issues different models or brands?

You can force McAfee to do an update and talk to the ePO server. As far as I know that's the only way to try and get the Windows credentials to sync faster.

You should be able to update through a product update task, but before doing such things I would contact support. Encryption updates are a terrifying beast.

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