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FRP 5.0.1 Authentication

I am trying to mimic the behavior of FRP 4, where the domain user would seamlessly get assigned keys upon logon.

The product guide for FRP 5 says to select the option to use the OS token as an unlock trigger. I've also left the tray option enabled just I'm case.

The issue is that some users who still have the old grant keys policies are getting FRP login prompts. Those on the new key assignments find that they have to periodically log on again via the McAfee Agent or restart.

All Settings are default for authentication except the OS token section. And the authentication section has the OS token unlock trigger set as well. There are no lock triggers enabled.

Do we need to enable the one time OS token initialization for this to work? I have not enabled that. Again, I'm aiming for FRP 4.3 type workflow in terms of end user experience.


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