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Error EE120000 - Endpoint Encryption is not currently active

Have a user's system that on normal bootup receives "Missing Operating System"

I tried using the safetech and wintech cd to do a manual decryption using the code of the day and the xml file from the epo server.  When I click Remove within the Remove EE Window I receive the following error:

error EE120000

Endpoint Encryption is not currently active.

Original problem that the system cannot logon Windows and blue screen show up. The OS is Win7. I tried into safe mode for data acces, it cannot been success.

So i used safetech CD to boot system, firstly i had try to emergency boot has failure, then i clicked "restored MBR" and uncheck the items "Keeping the partition table", it still cannot been solved.

Then i tried using "Remove EE", failure again and error code is "EE120000".

Anyone know of anything I can do to remove encryption and get the data from the drive.  I've done some searching and found a article referring to a "manual decryption".  Has anyone done this and is their instructions on how to do it?

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Re: Error EE120000 - Endpoint Encryption is not currently active

You don't say what version of eepc you are using, and restoring the mbr had how made things very difficult.

All you can do now is do a force decrypt the drive, after confirming the key is correct.

Next time, just use safetech to remove using the users pwd and disk information.

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