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Error EE000007 Internal initialization error

Hello Everyone....

I'm using EEPC version  & today i faced one Issue, as when i tried to login preboot i got an error message as "Error EE000007 Internal initialization error" & i have done Emergency Boot using EETech Standalone disk to get it fix, But i want to know the Root Cause for this Issue & what to do to prevent this Issue.......????

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Error EE000007 Internal initialization error

In my environment of 350 encrypted laptops, I see this happen on rare occasoins.  I do not know the root cause but do know that an eboot easily fixes it.  I believe it is just a hiccup in updating the PBFS and likely not much you can do about it.  What I have discovered is that the more people that you have in your encryption users groups (ie, that have to update the PBFS) the more likely you are going to run into PBFS corruption.


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