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Endpoint encryption corruption


I have a T430 laptop with Endpoint Encryption enabled on a primary hard disk with windows 7. I installed a second hard disk using the external hard drive bay and installed windows 2008r2 on this external hard disk by selecting this hard disk correctly during the installation process.

However, since then, the primary disk is corrupted/wiped/modified - it shows four items - 2 directories and 2 files:


System volume information



So I reckon that this primary disks MBR and/or EEPC MBR and/or encrypted bootmgr is now wiped out, and replaced with something else by the windows 2008r2 installer. But I also hope that the rest of the disk is intact with the data.

What are the correct next steps for me to restore this primary disk back to a EEPC enable bootable windows 7 as before?

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