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Endpoint Encryption users somehow removed from device in EPO

Good morning,

Background: We are using EPO 4.6.1 and Endpoint Encryption v6.1.3.

All of a sudden we have found that all users for a few devices have somehow been completely removed from the device in EPO which then is not allowing any users to log into the device without utilizing the machine recovery option. We have to load the users back onto the devices in EPO, re-sync the device with the EPO server then the users have to completely reset their security questions, etc. Has anyone else experiences this issue before? As we are in the infancy stages of our EEPC deployment and we would like to get this figured out before the few devices with this issue escalate to multiple devices and this issue becomes unmanageable. Is there a report out there that can be ran to show when or how these users were removed? Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Endpoint Encryption users somehow removed from device in EPO


have a look in C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent\MfeEpe.log. That's the only log I know of for EEPC on the Clientside.

In addition:

on 23.05.12 08:21:21 CDT
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