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Endpoint Encryption for Mac 1.x and the latest Thunderbolt Firmware Update


If you have a user who is using EEMac and has applied the latest Thunderbolt update you may find that their machine goes into an endless reboot process after they authenticate at pre-boot. Some customers took the step of wiping the machine and starting again. While that will work, there is another way to get the machine to boot properly again without losing the encryption or any of the user's data.

Please find the below steps that need to followed in order to update the latest SMC firmware updates on thunderbolt machines.

  1. Initiate the Apple software update process. Make sure only the SMC firmware update is selected.
  2. The machine will perform a reboot after the updates have been successfully installed.
  3. Upon the reboot, Apple's EFI performs a few initialization steps and reboots the system again.
  4. Upon reboot EEMac's PBA will launched. The successful authentication will result in the reboot of the system. This continues in a loop.
  5. Power down the machine.
  6. Connect the EETech disk/USB. Boot into the EETech disk by pressing the option key.
  7. Perform an emergency boot.
  8. Go to System preferences -> startup disk and choose a boot disk for the next boot.
  9. Perform a policy sync from the McAfee Agent. This will recreate the PBFS and change the status from "Recovery" to "Active" with encryption intact.
  10. Reboot the machine and make sure everything is working fine.
  11. You can now apply other updates which are available.

Best regards

Anthony Merry

Senior Product Manager

Endpoint Encryption for PC/Mac

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