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Endpoint Encryption Question

Hi All,

We are using EPO 4.6.4/EEPC 6.0.2.  We hope to soon upgrade to EEPC v7.  This is my question -- We have a policy set to disable pre-boot authentication when a computer has not synchronized for 30 days.   This way, if a persons laptop is lost or stolen, EEPC will no longer allow the user to login after this much time has elapsed.

We'd like to take it a step further.  Say a user leaves our company, but refuses to return their laptop.  They know the password, so they can login.  Obviously, after 30 days of no sync they will not be able to login any longer because they cannot sync without VPN access (EPO server is on internal network).  However, we'd like to to lock them out sooner, if possible.  Is there a way to remotely disable pre-boot for a given machine or change their EEPC password remotely?

I think with the current version I have the answer is NO.  However, it appears that with v7 some new features were introduced that leverage Intel AMT.  Do these new features make it possible to do this?

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Re: Endpoint Encryption Question

AMT does not really help in this situation, as you need the laptop to connect to a network you can host something on before it can receive an update.

Probably the best thing would be to run an agent handler in your DMZ so external computers on the internet can still get policy updates even when they are not connected to your network - then you can disable the user and they will get locked out even if they are just surfing.

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Re: Endpoint Encryption Question


In combination with SafeBoot suggestion, you could use the Endpoint Encryption Out Of Band management feature to change a users password.  This request will be processed only during pre-boot, so if machine were left in preboot long enough for it to dial back it would lock the user out as well.

Hope that helps.

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