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Endpoint Encryption Password Requirements

I am in the process of pushing out Endpoint Encryption for PC 7.0.2 to a number of machines on my network using EPO 5.0.1.  Everything has been going smoothly except for a problem with the password requirements.  I accidentally set them incorrectly when I started pushing the software out, and after correcting the policy, the requirements are not getting updated on machines that are already encrypted.  I have tried getting updates from the client computers using the McAfee Agent, and also forcing the update from the EPO server.   Everything appears the update correctly, but the pre-boot password requirements have not changed.  Thanks for the help. 

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Re: Endpoint Encryption Password Requirements

FYI for privacy and security reasons I changed your log in to omit the email portion so you will have to log out and back in again as mhoak to continue.

The system will also notify you by email at some stage.




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Re: Endpoint Encryption Password Requirements

The password requirements should update upon changing the policy. Likely one of two things is occurring:

  1. The policy that was changed isn't assigned to the machine. This can be verified by selecting the machine in the system tree and clicking Actions | Directory Management | View Assigned Policies.
  2. The policy enforcement was not complete before the system was restarted. With default McAfee Agent settings, after clicking Collect and Send Props or an Agent Wakup Call it will take 10 minutes for policy enforcement to complete. This can be verified by viewing the Encryption Status Monitor. You can speed the this up by clicking send events when an event is created (see KB71865).
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