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Endpoint Encryption Freezes On Dell E6400


I am having an issue on a single Dell E6400 laptop where it will go through the install of EEPC v6 and start encryption but then freezes after about 10 minutes. I have sucessfully encrypted another Dell E6400 although this was one of our own builds as opposed to the one with the issue one which is a Dell build.

When i power down the laptop it goes through the Pre Boot authentification but then hangs.

I am in the process of decrypting using EETech where i will try again with debugging enabled but was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and knew of a quick resolve ?



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Re: Endpoint Encryption Freezes On Dell E6400

1. What version of EEPC?

2. What mode is the drive set to in the BIOS? IRRT, ATA etc? (Should be ACHI with these machines)

3. Is the machine using the latest BIOS from Dell?

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Re: Endpoint Encryption Freezes On Dell E6400

Hi SafeBoot

I removed the encryption but as the user is off site until next week, I will have to wait to continue further..

  • The Version of EEPC is v6.0.2
  • The drive mode is set to ACHI, although this is from memory.
  • My next step is to update the Bios once I get the Laptop back.
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