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End user experience during EEPC rollout/login


I'm trying to get my head wrapped around deploying EEPC to the laptops in my organization, and want to inform those users what to expect when it rolls out and the SSO takes over.  I'm looking for some type of documentation that shows screenshots of the login process and walks them through the challenge questions *before* implementation, because they'll stroke out otherwise.

Also, my users are quite mobile between devices and on/off the network.  Realizing that it isn't the absolute best-of-breed in security, but I'm thinking that I want all my users to be able to log in to all my laptops - just as my AD structure allows - how would I set this up?

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Re: End user experience during EEPC rollout/login

IIRC you can only have a max of 200 encryption users on a EEPC encrypted device before you start to hit problems, so you may not be able to achieve what you want.

Can't help with docs as we didn't use self recovery feature.

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