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Encryption succesfully removed - WinXP unable to boot


after successfully removing EEPC V102 through BartPE Medium (COD/XML authentication/authorization) the System is unable to boot. Nevertheless I´m able to access the whole System drive (C) after booting with any "rescue CD". It is now on me for finding out, why this has happened and so I would like to ask if there are any specific McAfeetools for analyzing or collecting data from this System.

The most reasonable error is a defekt MBR but I´d like to know if it´s due to an error on the BertPE Bootmedium or an error with Hardware/Softwarecombination. At least there would be any information helpfull i can get off the system for analyzing this...bad mood...

System which is corrupted: Dell_Latitude E6510E, AHCI-Activated, no boot errors when starting BootCD (no Bluescreen or something like this), no error in accepting Code of the Day or XML-File, positive notification about succesfully removed endpoint encryption. First boot AFTER remvoing EEPC 102 goes till Windows Loginscreen and then loginmask vanished. Only Windows Background color in blue. This is what was reported to me.

Now the System just hangs in a rebootloop without even showing me the Windows XP loading screen.

It is obvious that something did go wrong. How can I gain Information about what and at which stage this happened?


(and I´m sorry for my englisch, it´s been a long while)

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Encryption succesfully removed - WinXP unable to boot

You don't say what the original problem with the machine was? Why did you use EETech to start with?

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Re: Encryption succesfully removed - WinXP unable to boot

Good evening,

I´m sorry to say that but details have to wait until monday morning though I´m eager to learn about "what went wrong".

The system came up with an error code and no Login was possible for registered users. Further there are "maintanance" accounts which just pass through the PreBoot and run against the Windows pass through Login so we have the possibility to authenticate with the local machine administrator account after passing the PreBoot.

The maintanace Accounts (ma's) where working properly but due to the different configuration of maintanance and normal user accounts and the working possibility to access the OS with ma's I´m not convinced in referring the now unbootable OS to the error code (for whom a support request was opened - still in progress).

There are several Notebooks in use in our company but this modell seems to be reacting different in it´s behaviour compared to the other systems so I have to adapt as much info in how to research errors, work-arounds and analyzing possible faults made by us.

It would be easy though to open one support request after another but I don't see the point in just doing so without further knowledge of how to determine the cause of an error or knowing any possibility's in logging the whole decryption process (for example).

regards and an enjoyable weekend to all

EDIT: The initial error Code is EE050014

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Encryption succesfully removed - WinXP unable to boot


i have the same problem - same error code - see post

I have a open ticket at McAfee Gold Support, but the given solutions don't work.

Luckily i had not removed the EE with BootCD.

Removing with Pre-Boot Administrator Recovery isn't possible

I have a Dell D630 with Win XP

We will see.

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