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Encryption - not encrypting second hard drive

I am have a Dell 7710 laptop.  The user added a second hard drive - Samsung SDD 950 Pro 512 GB.  Encryption is having issues encrypting this second hard drive.  I am getting the following error: 0xEE0700001 bios call error.  I have research this error online McAfee knowledge center.  I cannot find anything in reference to this error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Encryption - not encrypting second hard drive

HI. Have you tried to wipe the disk and create a partition using the Microsoft Diskpart tool.

Had a similar issue and had to run Diskpart. Try the following

1. Open a Windows command prompt.

2. Type the diskpart and press ENTER:

3. Type the list disk and press ENTER. Make a note of the disk you need to clear, which will normally be Disk 1. This example uses Disk 1.

4. Type the following commands in sequence and press ENTER after each one:

     select disk 1


     create partition primary

     select partition 1

     format fs=NTFS quick



5. Close the command prompt window.

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