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Encryption failing after disk is encrypted

Hi All,  I am rolling out EEPC 6.1 to new Win 7 laptops  Process deploys the two components and then once completed, starts the encryption.  All seems fine until the encryption finishes.  During encryption, the McAfee agent (Latest ver 4.5) reports back that the EEPC client is installed, and an enforce policy on the agent console shows policies being enforced for EEPC. If the user reboots, then they get teh McAfee preboot dialog, and are able to log in.  But once the disk is encrypted, the agent log shows errors regarding unable to find product plugin, and EPO reports the machine as not having Encryption installed. 

Its happening on about 20 to 30 % of the installs so far.  Symptoms are the user cannot login, and you have to do a machine recovery. 

I will add the log entries tomorrow when I get the machines in my handsds.

I do not have access to the logs yet.  Any suggestions ?.


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Re: Encryption failing after disk is encrypted


After encryption when you start machine have you got PBA screen and that user logs came utp to ePO server, And also have  you made some policy changes in the ePO server??

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