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Encryption TPM


Here's my setup:

  • Managed by ePO 4.6.9
  • Drive Encryption 7.1.3
  • Windows 8.1 x64
  • BIOS mode UEFI
  • Secure Boot enabled
  • TPM 1.2
  • All drivers and bios up to date.
  • Lenovo X1 Carbon

Policy set to allow automatic booting with a required TPM but I still have the pre-boot authentication prompt from McAfee.

2016-04-13 15_37_43-ePolicy Orchestrator 5.3.1.png

I opened tpm.msc and it tells my it is ready for use. I also tried to clear it but it didn't change anything.

There's nothing obvious I can find in MfeEpe.log or the Windows events that could lead me in the right direction. Any suggestions?


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