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Encryption State Notification


We wrote a script to notify the user of the HD encryption state upon their logon. The script shows the information in the following key:

"hkey_local_machine\\software\\Mcafee Encryption\\mFeEpePC\\status\\Cryptstate"

This value has a spelling mistake which I wanted to bring to your attention...maybe to fix in the next version. The value showes "Encryped" the "T" is missing, our script showes the entire key and the screen goes green if the key entry matches "Encryped" and goes red if otherwise. It would be nice to have the spelling mistake corrected.


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Re: Encryption State Notification

I see:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee EndPoint Encryption\MfeEpePC\Status]

So there is a typo, but status is Active and Volume C: is Encrypted.

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