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Encryption Not Saving a Program Log

We have a user that uses Auslogics BitReplica for personal backup purposes. Ever since McAfee Encryption has been installed on his machine it will not retain the log files for the BitReplica software. For instance:

He can log in, run a backup and the log will show all of the details on the latest backup. Once he reboots he pulls up the log and it shows no instance of the latest backup.

Anyone ran into anything similar before?

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Level 7

Re: Encryption Not Saving a Program Log

Never seen that before and I've been working with EEPC for 4+ years now.  If the file saved successfully on the drive while the machine was unlocked it should be there after a reboot.  Now if its caching the data and not actually writing it until after windows begins shutting down I could see that possibly being a problem..but thats not very likely.

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Level 21

Re: Encryption Not Saving a Program Log

me neither. EEPC doesn't know anything about files so it's unlikely it could do something as specific as stop a file being written - I would tell the customer to speak to BitReplica, looking at their website it doesn't seem to be doing anything unusual.

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