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Encrypting Blackberry with EEFF / EERM

Hello All,

We're presently using EFF to initialise and encrypt normal USB and are considering switching the setting on for Blackberrys. Can anyone advise what the effect will on existing BB storage; i.e if I initialise a device in EFF, what will happen to existing documents on device and chip. Would this have any effect on synching of email with BES?

Any advice appreciated

Many thanks


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Re: Encrypting Blackberry with EEFF / EERM

if a BB looks like a USB stick to a PC, then it will get treated the same. Everything on the "stick" will get moved into the secure container (if you tell it to).

But I don't think a BB stores its email etc on the "removable storage". You'd have to look what files a BB presents to a PC and decide how to handle this.

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