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EETech64 Bootable USB

I created a bootable USB with EETech64 on it.  I can see the drive but EETech doesn't identify the Disk Alg.  I have selected File Authentication and gave it the file for my machine and it shows the correct ALG then.  But I cannot access the encrypted drive.  As soon as I click on it it just hangs, no errors nothing.

If I don't use the File authentication and click on Token it hangs there.  it takes the code of the day no problem.

The files I have for the EEtech disk refer to a MfeEEAlg.sys file that I do not have.  Instead I have mfeccde.sys which I use the same way as the MfeEEAlg.sys is referred to in the inf file.

Short of any error I can't figure out what is missing or why it is hanging.

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McAfee Employee

Re: EETech64 Bootable USB

It sounds like you are building a WinPE CD with the DETech plugin - if that is the case we can look into the issue you are having with the manual build but you may want to consider using the automated tool that Jay built here:  The EZPE Builder for Data Recovery

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