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EETech recovery disc

Hi, I recently got a recovery disc working for reading an encrypted drive from a WinPE environment. I had to use EETech version 7.0.3 and WinPE5 (64x) (which is the Windows 8.1 preinstallation environment).

I can click on the button for Authentication \ File and load an XML file that I exported from the ePO console, then I can get access to the encrypted disc (thank god!!). But I would prefer if I could also click on Token and enter a username to authenticate. Is this possible? When I do click on Token it does ask for a username, it also shows me our corporate text (welcome message). But no matter what username I input it always says the same: Error EE050002 Unknown user. Also please note, if I boot without my rescue disc I can successfully enter the username into the encryption screen with no problem. So the username is working fine on this test machine. So I am thinking there could be something wrong with the way I built the rescue disc? My question is, which part of the EETech tool is responsible for the Token authentication? maybe one of the 2 drivers are bad? Do you have any recommendations for how I could get this part working? I can use this tool in its current state but the fact this alternative auth method doesnt work seems to bug me. Any suggestions would be welcome...

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