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EETech 7.x WinPE v4 Build Instructions Clarification

I'm just about to start building a WinPE v4 EETech to support UEFI boot in Windows 8. In reviewing the KB77165 instructions, I noticed the footnote to step 3i in Solution 1 (the lists of files to be copied). The footnote states "EpeTokenPassword.dll and EpeReaderPcsc.dll can be found in the file, under \WinPE\Win32".

I'm confused by this for several reasons.

  1. The footnote number is attached to the EpeTokenSmartcard.dll, not EpeTokenPassword.dll.
  2. EpeTokenPassword.dll does have different versions in the Win32 and Win64 folders, so presumably the appropriate one should be used for 32 and 64 bit rather than putting the 32 bit version in the 64 bit build.
  3. EpeTokenSmartcard.dll and EpeReaderPcsc.dll only exist in the Win32 folder. On the assumption that these 32 bit dll's are 64 bit compatible, it would be less confusing to simply copy them to Win64 before distributing and avoid the need for the footnote entirely.

Can anyone clarify this? Has anyone followed the instructions and successfully built and tested EETech+WinPE v4+64 bit UEFI Boot?

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