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EETech 6.0.1 Error EE04000B: Unknown Disk Number

When booting BartPE with EETech (version, created using the procedure in the McAfee EETech User Guide) and starting the EETech application, after click 'Token' as the authentication type, I get an error EE04000B: Unknown Disk Number.

The EETech Standalone floppy works fine.

We use the WinTech CD with our current version to be able to use a file manager to copy files from an encrypted system that won't boot, so we really need this option to be able to support our users.

All system drivers (SATA / LAN) are added to BartPE and verified to work with a previous version (

Any ideas on what might cause this issue?

By the way: same issue with EETech 6.0.2.

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