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EEPC v7.0.x User assignments clarification

Hello Everyone,

I have a few questions about EEPC v7.0.x.

In our Environment we have 2 different user based policies.

  1. Policy is for our Users to logon with smart card and PIN (this policy is the default one on “My Organization”, and is working fine)
  2. Policy is for our worldwide Admins (43 in total). This users will authenticate with Username/password.

We’ve setup a “policy assignment rule” for this Active directory group to use the Admins UBP.

UBP enforcement is set to true for this Accounts.

Our problem is the following:

Admin A & Admin B are logging in to PC A for the first time and changing the “Default Password”. Then PC A is switched on for a couple of days and keeps synching with our epo Server.

After a few days Admin A & Admin B are trying to logon to PC B (installation was a few hours ago).

In our Environment sometimes Admin A or Admin B are asked for the “default password” again, and sometimes the PC already has the correct password information. Some PC’s seems to never get all accounts synced (2-3 Month after first password set).

So the question is:

Is this the standard behavior of EEPC?

Does the Admins have to enter the default password for every PC?

Or is there an upper limit for the Accounts that are deployed with an UBP?

Thanks in Advance

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