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EEPC v6/ Lost and Found ePO Question

As we are planning a rollout phase of getting mobile assets locked down with encryption, I have a few questions/concerns. Each morning whencoming in I notice a few hit and miss machines showing up in lost and found.Why these machines are there Im not sure. Now, With that said, how do I preventthese machines from losing Users in EEPC, or will they… My concern is when weroll this out, and every day we have 4, 5,6,10  people calling in because for some reason theylose users from EEPC because there machine is just randomly showing up in lostand found, when they show up in lost and found isn’t this because they weredeleted?

Now to prevent that, if that is the case, should we just usethe tags that we have in place, such as our LT is automatic tag for ourlaptops, if we have that set to where it goes to a specific container will thatprevent it as well.

Is the system automatically deleting machines? Is there aquery that anyone knows of that I can run to see the course the machine took inthe last 48 hours or something. Deleted, identified, added to lost and foundetc

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