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EEPC user removed

Hi, I have weird problem with EEPC 7.0.1.

We have a group in AD with several users (user1 to 5). I assigned this group to all computers in ePO, so these users can logon to any computer.

When I check the MfeEpe.log file, I see that the users had been successfully added

userLib: user user1 (AB1E.....B0B8) successfully added

userLib: user user2 (AB1N.....BWD8) successfully added

userLib: user user3 (AB1F.....BKH8) successfully added

userLib: user user4 (AB1D.....B0ER) successfully added

StatusService                        Endpoint Encryption users were updated

but the problem is, there's one user, let's say user5 who isn't synchronized.

When I add specifically this user to a pc (or a group of pc's), he is synchronized without problems and he can login. When I remove his account in ePO from the computers, although he is still member of the group which has logon rights to computers, EEPC preboot enviroment says unknown users.

The MfeEpo.log says

userLib: user user5 (AB1D.....B0EZ) has been removed

The other users from the group can logon without problems.

Am I missing something, or is someone having similar problem?

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Re: EEPC user removed

Hi there.

Maybe it helps.

I had simillar issue. but i foud that i have only users cached in the OS.

I double checked settings about users in DataEncryption users, check the recursive option is selected.

Select this option caused that all users from the AD group was added to EEPC. Uncheck this option, and found that all non-cached users was removed.

Try to check this and let know if it helps

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Also check this in product settings policy:

Add local domain users (and tag with 'EE:ALDU'):      Add all previous and current local domain users of the system

In my case it helps. on 8/13/13 5:42:02 AM CDT
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