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EEPC - reset a user's password


Most of our users are mobile, Is there any easy way to recover McAfee password wihtout using the existing self recovery questions*? e.g: Any RSA token associated with the user, google authenticator token integration etc? Are there any APIs' that we can use to present the keys via a webportal for users to self - recover? User would still need to authenticate but once authenticated, they can recover it themselves?

- Phil

* we are using self service questions for ad password recovery so don't want to get users to set up another set of questions/answers

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Re: EEPC - reset a user's password

There are couple of options available -

(a) The easiset way would be to use McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1 which has a built-in capability for self-recovery using smartphone, dedicated app and QR codes. It works really well. Take a look at for additional details.

(b) If you can't use DE 7.1, you can leverage the ePO Scripting API for this (ePO 4.6 and above). It will be more complicated and will require some development, but you can build a web service which will use the ePO Scripting API to reset a user token, once the user is authenticated. Again, not straightforward but can be done.

Personally, I'd recommend option A.

Good luck !

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