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EEPC (pre-6.2) reporting in ePO 4.6?


EEPC v5.x clients, reporting to ePO 4.0 console. I get proper EEPC version reporting and installed reporting.

Some of those clients have been moved to a new ePO4.6 console, but now I get empty sets when querying for EEPC. (I *know* many of those machine have EEPC installed)

If I look at an individual system, I see:

Product:   SBDE___5130

with Version:  5.2.6

How/where do I create a report/monitor to show me the version information?

Do add something to ePO? Is there a version of 5.x that includes pieces for proper reporting?

(Yes, we have v6.1 on our roadmap for later this year.)

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Re: EEPC (pre-6.2) reporting in ePO 4.6?

I just finished setting this up on my 4.6 console. In the zip file that contains the 5.2.x EEM files there is a folder named Documents and then EPO Integration. I just followed the directions in the ePO 4 Endpoint Encryption Deployment and Reporting User Guide.pdf. I did not use ePO to deploy, just using it to report.

In the EEPC zip you will find the file that you can install as an extension. So far all of my 5.1.x (have not synched in awhile) and 5.2.x clients are reporting correctly to the ePO console.

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Re: EEPC (pre-6.2) reporting in ePO 4.6?

Have you had any issues when you checked in this extension with your EPO 4.6?

I am in the same boat, I need reporting capability from the 5.2.2 version as well, just cautious when checking in a older client extension.  I have had our Sys Admin rebuild our EPO a few times.  I don't want to do that again.

Thanks, Vince

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