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EEPC on VMWare Workstation v9.0.1

I have a Win7 SP1 VM running on VMWare Workstation v9.0.1 and trying to install EEPC.  Every time I run the install, it finishes with "you must reboot now" message.  When I reboot EEPC is not actually installed.  I go through this over and over, but it never actually installs.  Does anyone have any ideas on this one?  I saw some other threads similar to this referencing running VMWare on a MAC, but I'm running my Guest as Win7 SP1 on a Host Win7 SP1.  I also saw references to custominzing XML files that maybe the virtual hard drive being detected isn't in the EEPC supported hdd list.  However, where is this file and I would I verify that might really be what's happening?

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