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EEPC encrypted machine boots to Windows recovery instead of OS


We have had issues with several machines lately, where machines will boot into the Windows Recovery partition instead of the OS partition, after authenticating in preboot.

We have no idea what is causing these issues, and the issue seems to be appearing out of the blue - no Windows Updates or the like installed prior the the issue appearing.

Booting the WinTech CD, and looking at the boot-record files on C: indicates that no changes has been made to the boot sequence. If we decrypt the machines, they will then start booting correctly again - and we can then encrypt them again without problems afterwards.

Its seems almost like preboot boots onto the wrong partition on the harddrive after a user authenticates.

What can we do to troubleshoot this issue? Has anyone seen similar issues?

We are running EE version and McAfee Agent 4.8.

Thanks for all your help.


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