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EEPC and adding users based on tag

In Epo 4.6 I know you can assign policy based on tag, but can you add EEPC users to a system based on tag?  The dillema I have is our current epo structure is based on Ip range.  Each floor of each building has a dedicated ip range.  Curently I can click on a building or a floor and see all machines there and target antivirus deployments, etc to a building.  Not all machines on each floor belong to the same department and have the same type of system name.  It seems EEPC in EPo is similar to that of the old console in which it works best if you have computers grouped based on people who need to sign into them.  I really hate to change our current epo design.  Is there a way to assign a group of users to a EEPC encrypted machine based on tags?  Meaning if a computer name starts with the name hr-xxxxxx then assign all hr people to that system?  Does that make sense? 

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Re: EEPC and adding users based on tag

There is currently no way to assign users based upon a tag, sorry..

If you assign you admin/support staff to the 'My Organization' this will be get assigned to all machine..  Then use 'Add Local Domain users' feature to get the machines to assign the users for you..

Hope this helps

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