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EEPC and Forefront Identity Manager password extensions compatibility


We are implementing the password and authentication extensions with Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 on machines.

I'd like to know what implications, if any, it may have on currently encrypted machines.

It adds a "Reset..." button (beside the password box) onto the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen (XP) or "forgot your password" link (W7) which when clicked, opens up the FIM portal

Just wondering if anyone knows. We previously had issues with the Authentec TrueSuite fingerprint software which changed the gina and  had to uninstall it before encrypting.

There's a MsPwdGina.dll file in the install files which makes me suspicious.

It also says (says this for FIM 2010 - assuming same for R2):

With Password Reset, users can reset their passwords by using an authentication gate from the native Windows logon screen. If users cannot remember their passwords, Password Reset takes the user through the process of gaining a new password.

The component FIM Password and Authentication extension installs the GINA/Credential provider and an ActiveX® control for Internet Explorer. On a 64-bit installation, an additional component is available, FIM Portal Authentication Extensions, that installs a 32-bit ActiveX control for Internet Explorer.

Not really familiar with gina/credential provider side of things, so would like to know if anyone would foresee any issues at all?

Many thanks


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