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EEPC - User unable to login

dear all

today morning oneof our user was enable to login in mcafee encrypted system.

when checked on epo it was observed that there was no user added to the system. when checked in the audit log, the system was moved from a group and also deleted.

Now we have added the user back to the system however the user is not able to log in, as i the system should first communicated with epo to take the new policy.

Please help us to overcome this issue. we dont want to format the system.

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Level 21

Re: EEPC - User unable to login

Let's start at the beginning - what OS/EEPC version are you using, and what is the error message you are getting?

If you can't login to the pre-boot, and you deleted the machine from EPO, you'll need to decrypt it by obtaining the keycheck from the machine, and using the EPO API to recover the machine key from within EPO.

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