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EEPC Recovery of Win 7 startup

hey Gang,

We have PC runing EEPC 6.1.3 and win 7 and it is crashing on startup.
We are able to authenticate past the PBA window, during startup win 7 is crashing.

We have used EETECH recovery boot disk to get clients data off machine.

Is there a special way to engage the native win 7 startup recovery process? - would this repair effect EEPC in any way (eg - changing the MBR and breaking encryption)

Do we "have" to decrypt the drive first? (320gb drive takes 5 hours to decrypt)

We have been able to run a chkdsk which dosn't find any errors - Do we need to add the win 7 recovery tool into our  Win 7 PE tool which holds the EETech recovery stuff?? 

thanks for any comments

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Re: EEPC Recovery of Win 7 startup

Since this version 6.X I think this would be in ePo managed..

However if you talk about recovery there many different type of tehnical issue that may cause Windows/Win 7 boot crash....

- looks like something may changes the booting point after PBA thay caused win7 crash.. the obvious reason is bootkit virus..

You need to remove EEPC to fixed it.. So far i;ve not seen any method that can fixed the boot point without removing the encryption.

Probably other may have some trick to do that..

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