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EEPC Recovery Fails - EETech.exe cant find harddrive

Hi, something went wrong with my computer and the recovery procedure is not working. i have a winpe iso with EETech but the application doesnt find the harddrive. I think its because the iso file is not an uefi Image but harddrive has uefi Partition.

i there an updated iso which Supports uefi devices?

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Re: EEPC Recovery Fails - EETech.exe cant find harddrive

Having the WinPE boot using UEFI isn't required. Although the system is configured to boot using UEFI, the HDD itself should be formatted in GPT which can be read using a Legacy BIOS booting disk. If the WinPE cannot see the physical disk, EETech.exe will not be able to decrypt the disk.

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