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Level 9


I was testing laptop: I use EPO server 4.6.6,

I pushed out EEPC and Agent to laptop, created EEPC policy pushed to laptop, It worked I get prompted for user and password in the encryption dialog boxes.

Now test is over how do I set the laptop back for no encryption, put laptop back to orginal before I tested it,  I tried changing policys no go.


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Level 9

Re: EEPC 7

Refer to the Product Guide for EEPC 7.0.1,

Page 29 and 30 describe how to de-crypt the computer.  You must de-select the "Enable Policy" in the Product Settings policy.  Next time the computer communicates with the EPO server, it will get the updated policy, and begin decrypting the drives. This can take several hours.  Once the decryption is done, you can uninstall the EEPC and EEAgent software using an uninstall task from the EPO server.

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