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EEPC 7.0.4 extension roll-back

I have a customer issue where upgrading to DE 7.1 was attempted but other issues within the environment are requiring them to stay on EEPC 7.0.3.  The extensions were in the process of being updated as the preliminary actions which required EEPC 7.0.4 admin extension first.  At this point the DE migration was halted.  The EE: User Data Upgrade task was not performed (being a major point of concern for the environment).  Therefore the temporary / transitory step has never been taken.

The question is this - is there a way to revert the extension (which is an ePO management step only) from 7.0.4 to 7.0.3?  Following KB66616 does not help since it includes making an archive of the extensions.  Referring to helps to a point to outline the migration planning, but does not address how to revert the extension.

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Re: EEPC 7.0.4 extension roll-back

I don't think there is- in all the docs i've read- known issues for EEPC they all say you shouldn't downgrade as it damages the database.

Issue: Removing the EEADMIN and DE extensions then installing an earlier version of the EEADMIN / EEPC extensions damages the database and is not supported.
Do not downgrade extensions.

IMPORTANT: If you must revert to an earlier version of the EEADMIN / EEPC extension, first perform an ePO disaster recovery by following the steps in KB66616

I'd open a support call with McAfee to see what your options are.



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Re: EEPC 7.0.4 extension roll-back


You can safely stay on 7.0.4 until you are ready to upgrade to 7.1.