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EEPC 6.x Installation Process

I am just curious to see how others are distributing EEPC to their clients. Not all of our IT employess have access to the EPO with the rights to move machines within the EPO tree or assign tasks. Right now this is our process:

1. We have a utility that writes to the McAfee Agent Custom Prop 2 field with "Encryption" then calls for the McAfee Agent to to a "Collect and Send Props"

2. EPO reports that the client has the "Encryption" custom props field and an EPO Server task, that runs twice an hour, Tags machines that have the Custom Props field with the "Encryption" tag and modifies the McAfee Agent EEPC policies to the desired System and UBP policies. The Server task tag also assigns the EEPC Agent installation client task.

3. Upon the next ASCI (runs every 2 hours) the client sees the EEPC Agent install task and runs the EEPC Agent installation.

4. Once the EEPC Agent is installed and registered the client runs another ASCI at its scheduled 2 hour interval and EPO now reports that EEPC Agent is installed.

5. An EPO Server tasks runs (twice an hour) and assigns machines that have EEPC Agent installed the "Ready for Encryption" tag and assigns the Install EEPC 6.x client task.

6. Once the client checks back into EPO through the ASCI it sees the Install EEPC 6.x client task and runs it.

7. Restart notification occurs.

8. Machine is restarted

9. Encryption keys are exchanged and encryption begins.

Is there a faster way to deploy EEPC without adding any additional user rights and/or moving machines around in the system tree? We are currenlty running EPO 4.5.4 HF1.


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