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EEPC 6.2 and Dells E5400, D630 & 760s

Does anyone know why EEPC 6.1.3 and 6.2 cannot be used to freshly install the Dell's E5400, D630 laptops & 760 desktops? They work perfectly fine when upgraded from 5.2.4 or 6.1.3.

The error that we are receiving is a message saying "McAfee Endpoint Encryption v6.1" which is at the top-left corner on a black screen. This appeared after successfully encrypting the disk and rebooting the machines.

The changes that were made to correct this issue were: BIOS updates, scanning exclusions of SBFS files and McAfee folders, disabling of Boot options and Encryption Providersin ePO. However, they did not work.

It is so frustrating that we cannot determine a common denominator - other than both, the 6.1.3.and now the 6.2, won't install from scratch on those models.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: EEPC 6.2 and Dells E5400, D630 & 760s


Check the SATA options in BIOS - I think you might be in trouble if [ATA] or [RAID] is set.

The only solution is to change the SATA options to AHCI and install the OS new (if not you'll geht a blue screen STOP 0x7b - inaccessible boot device)

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Re: EEPC 6.2 and Dells E5400, D630 & 760s

Thank you Marks.pop, I received your email as well. Excuse the delay. Based on McAfee tech support troubleshooting efforts, the following EEPC 6.2 options must be set in ePO policy:

Boot Options- All unchecked or disabled,

Encryption Providers: Use compatibility MBR -Enabled, Use Windows system boot drive: Disabled.

Those options fixed one of my E5400 laptops. The laptop was reimaged -XP Pro SP3, 6.2 freshly installed and fully encrypted, rebooted - no errors.

The other E5400 and by following the same procedure, it stopped with same error\symptom. as before after fully encrypting and rebooting the unit. The hard drive was replaced with a Toshiba HD and now the system “accepts” 6.2 freshly installed.

An OptiPlex 760 desktop and D630 laptop are currently having the same issue. No hard drive replacements made yet..

BIOS on E5400 A17


USB Legacy emulation - ON (this option has been changed many times during testing

D630 - BIOS upgrade was done

SATA- ATA (BIOS default)

Based on what I have experienced, there’s something EEPC 6.2 is not compatible with on those HDs- (WD- Scorpio Black and other WD models). In my opinion, this issue points to incompatibilities with those hard drives and 6.2 fresh installs. This presents a challenge as we have so many laptops in production across the state.  We may have to install 5.2.4 first to then upgrade.

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