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EEPC 6.2 92H Error

Recently started to get this error after reboot once the EEPC Agent is installed. Has been working properly for many months now as part of our imaging process.

Our imaging process is that we join a PC to the domain with -L7 and that is triggered against ePO and send the EEPC Agent.

Recent change was that we opened up the WIM File to update patches and go streamline and removed all third party apps.

Per our ePO Experts troubleshooting steps - Do not join the machine to the domain and not add -L7 until after the imaging process.

Completed those steps and a few were able to get past this error but it's returning.


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McAfee Employee jhall2
McAfee Employee
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Re: EEPC 6.2 92H Error

The MBR points to a specific sector on the drive where the PBFS is located, this is called a sector chain. The 92h error is generated when the sector the MBR points to does not contain the PBFS boot information resulting in the sector chain failing. This is due to something is moving or corrupting the PBFS such as a 3rd party defrag utility or something modifying the MBR, although this is far less likely. The PBFS is protected using the Safeboot.fs and Safeboot.rsv files located on the root of C:. These files cannot be moved either from the location in the directory of physically to different sectors on the disk or the 92h error will be displayed.

Note: EEPC 6.2 is end of life / end of support.

KB81538 - ePO 4.6.x extension upgrade path from Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.1 and 6.2 to Drive Encryption 7.1.x

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