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EEPC module question

I am just trialing EE PC and EE Admin I have question about the Endpoint Encryption Modules version numbers.

I have updated my encrypted laptop from EEPC 6.2 and EE Admin 1.2 to EEPC (FIPS) and EEAdmin without any issue i.e. Agent and EEPC installed fine and rebooted.

I have checked the ePO server and it is reporting that the version number for my laptop is EEAdmin and EEPC is  The version number on the laptop MA also shows EEAdmin and EEPC is, however when I access McAfee Endpoint Encryption modules it is showing McAfee Endpoint Encryption Provider Plugin for PC still as as  Is this correct, surely it should say

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Re: EEPC module question

I can confirm that my machines upgraded to EEPC 6.2 Patch 1 list the EEPC modules as and, as you'd suspected should be the case.

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