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EEPC 6.1 Pre-Boot Unknown User

I and running EPO 4.6 and have EEPC 6.1 deployed.  I had a remote user call me today to say he is getting "unknown user" at Pre-Boot.  I did the administrator recovery and got him into Windows.  As he was booting, I checked EPO and I noticed there were two computers listed for him.  The first was managed and the second was not.  Neither had the encryption user assigned to them, even though he was assigned before.

I deleted the unmanaged computer and readded his user account to the managed computer.  I had him do a collect and send props, which completed successfully as there were no errors in his status monitor and the communication time updated for his computer in EPO.

My question is why would there be two computers for him and why would his user account be missing on the managed one?


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Re: EEPC 6.1 Pre-Boot Unknown User

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