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EEPC 6.1.2 - any way to bypass the compatible product check?


I have a subset of users with PGP installed and the drives are not encrypted by this. they are currently encrypted with safeboot 5.2.x

When trying to upgrade them to 6.1.2 it fails because it picks up the PGP software and halts.

Is there a way to bypass this check? We only use safeboot and EEPC so there is no risk with our setup.



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Re: EEPC 6.1.2 - any way to bypass the compatible product check?

Saw the comment on this page by DLarson:

You can remove the default checks by editing the DefaultProductDetections.XML file on your ePO server. Doing this, however, is not supported so proceed at your own risk. Example location C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\extensions\installed\EEADMIN\\webapp\ProductDetection

anyone been able to edit this without causing any issues?

Code is:

<!-- Define PGP Whole Disk Encryption -->

          <products xsi:type="ns1Smiley TongueDProduct">

                    <name>PGP Whole Disk Encryption</name>


                    <rules xsi:type="ns1Smiley TongueDRule">

                              <fileEntries xsi:type="ns1Smiley TongueDFileEntry">





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