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EEPC Windows password not synced back to EEPC



vanilla Windows 7 Enterprise with all patches and servicepacks.

Im really perplexed.

I have created a ad-user "eepc1" with password "adpassword99"

After eepc is installed on my computer im able to log in with the username eepc1 (i have added the user in "encryption users" for the computer) but i have to use the default password in eepc (per design). After i enter this password

i need to change it and (in this cas) answer 2 security questions (per design). So far so good.

The sso works as far as i only have to log on to the mcafee loginscreen during bootup and not when windows is started.

BUT the password is not changed to my ad-password.

HOWEVER. If i in windows "change password" and enter a new password and then restart, runs cmdagent /e /c /p /s the password is synced. And everything is as "normal"

Anyone? Any ideas?

I have added a screenshot of my policy!

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