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EEFF local system losing Encryption Key


Environment : EPO  5.1


Ever since the upgrade many of my PC losing encryption key. 

1.  The fix would be, update security, wake up agent, collect and send properties, enforce policy, check new policy.  No particular order. 

2.  If all these fail, run Microsoft fix it - 50356. Reboot, and start the step one process again

3. With step 1&2, 99% rate that user will get the key back

4.  Worst case scenario is uninstall and reinstall

My question is why do I need to do step 1&2 to get the encryption key?  With this upgrade, I get around 20 extra cases a day and would spend 15 mins per PC.

Anybody knows anything I can check? 

thanks in advance...

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Re: EEFF local system losing Encryption Key

I upgraded ePO 4.6.4 to 5.1 and supposedly as per KB79169, EEFF extension 164 is supported. In my case it was not. I had a hit and miss when trying to access EEFF policies and at one point there was no EEFF Keys "button" in the console. Also I discovered this precisely because a new workstation was not retrieving the key as you describe in your issue. It turns out that extension 168 corrected the strange behavior I was experiencing in 5.1.

At the very least have a backup of everything as per the disaster recovery documentation as precaution before upgrading to this extension, or contact support for further assistance.

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