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EEFF: Problems decrypting files

Hello community!!!!

I'm going to try to explain my problem:

I have several machines with EEFF 4.0. In these machines, I have some network encrypted text files, then we use a program to work with this files, this program is ran by a user with the encryption key. Then the progran should be access to the decrypted file withou problems, isn't it?   In fact, it isn't. It seems as the program access to a "partially" decrypted file, some data are legible, but other data are illegible. It seems as EEFF spend more time decrypting file than the progran spend in read the file.

Any idea aboout the problem?

Thanks a lot

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Re: EEFF: Problems decrypting files

EEFF just decrypts the portion of the file read into memorty, so a few things can be happening - first, what program are you using? Perhaps it's not correctly following the Microsoft file rules and is reading the file badly?

Second, what is the true state of the file (read it outside of EEFF, but don't save it?) Maybe someone opened the file and wrote to it who did not have EEFF running?

If multiple users are sharing the file, then they all need EEFF installed of course.

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Re: EEFF: Problems decrypting files

Hello SafeBoot, thanks for the response.

I'll try to enlarge the information:

The program we use is a non-comercial program, it only opens the file and read some data field (remembre that files are plain text files) to launch another application with these data.

We had EEFF 3.1 version until July. In July we migrated to version 4.0. Since that, we had big performance issues in the machines with EEFF. EEFF and our program worked properly, but complete machine was very, very slow. McAfee Support told us about the 'Opportunistic Locking' and they told us how to avoid it (KB70609). Applying this solution we solved the performance issues, but then the problem with decrypting appeared.

Only one user in the machine with EEFF is opening the file with the program, reading it and closing it.

Thank you very much.


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