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EEFF\EERM 4.2 and already encrypted devices

We are using EEFF 4.2 for USB encryption. McAfee support could not give me a clear idea of how EERM would handle a USB device that already has encryption.

I have run into an issue with a lexar device that I was told had "hardware encryption". It was encrypted and gives me the EERM logon box when inserted however it shows another partition in addition to the Mcafee partition after logon.

I also have an MXI usb device in my logs showing as exempted by device id. However, I did not add it as an exception in my policy. I found that MXI \ Ironkey is now Imation and they have a "partnership" with McAfee.



So where do I get more info on which devices will be exempted by McAfee (if that's the case) and how EERM handles either hardware of OEM encryption of USB drives?

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Re: EEFF\EERM 4.2 and already encrypted devices

EERM doesn't "handle" it at all - it's enterly separate. EERM creates files on a storage device, and presents these files as a virtual volume you can store other things within - imagine it like a Zip file etc.

so if the underlying storage is hardware encrypted, EERM does not know or really care about such - it can still create its file-based container on top of it.

the exemptions in EERM's configuration are there to make things simpler for users who do have hardware encrypted devices - but as you've found, even though a device supports hardware encryption, it may still have a plain text partition on it which is insecure.

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