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EEFF 4.2.x to FRP 4.3.x Upgrade/Migration

I'm going to be doing a migration soon from EEFF 4.2.x to FRP 4.3.x on thousands of endpoints.  I know that EEFF will need to be uninstalled before the install of FRP can take place.  What is the best method and/or best practice for doing this?

Should I try to attempt this from EPO?  Or would it be better to script it out and maybe run it through SCCM as example.  I believe I have a simple uninstall/install script that seems to work, so I'm wondering if I'm better off trying to accomplish the endpoint side of things through SCCM.  We need to have very little client impact for this migration if any at all.


FYI - This is the last piece of endpoint software that I need to upgrade before migrating our current 4.6.9 ePO box to a new box running 5.3.2.

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