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EE000005, EE00000B, EE050014, EE0D0001 occurs without stanby and hibernation.


Several computers meet the following error at pre-boot authentication.





McAfee already opened some knowledge base, all can say the causes will be condition when the computer comes out of standy or hibernation.

However, the customers don't use stanby and hibernation at all.

So, I have a question.

Except standy and hibernation, I think, EEPC6.0.1/6.0.2 has the possibility PBFS is corrupted with "shutdown" process as below.

1. Windows send shutdown signal to PBFS via EEPC( or McAfee Agent).

2. PBFS starts shotdown process.

3. Shutdown process of PBFS is completed, PBFS goes to shotdown mode.

4. In that time, if it takes long time until Windows shutdown process is completed, PBFS assumes Windows fails to shotdown.

   Then, PBFS wakes up again from shotdown mode.

5. But, Windows shutdown process is on going, after a short time, Windows shutdown.

---> As a result, Windows is forced to shutdown with PBFS waking status, so PBFS will be corrupted.

Is it correct my understanding?


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