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Drive encryption on a Slave Drive 7.1.3

Hi All,

Have a scenario that im trying to see if its possible:

1. Machine-A is encrypted

2. Want to take out drive  and plug into a Machine-B as a slave drive (Eg: Machine-A had hardware issues but drive was still perfect)

3. Machine-B is setup with the same user as Machine-A, with drive encryption installed

4. Machine-B has the  Machine-A drive plugged in as slave

5. Would it be possible for the Machine-B to access the Machine-A to copy the relevant docs to Machine-B drive?

See below comment in RED,

Although DETech Standalone version includes more functionality than the DETech WinPE recovery media, such as being able to do an DE/EEPC Emergency Boot, the WinPE version is much faster than the standalone version. The WinPE version also allows you to:

  • Access the encrypted hard disk.
  • Fix Windows problems.
  • Copy user data to another drive before re-imaging.
  • Run any of the Windows tools.
  • Access the network.
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Re: Drive encryption on a Slave Drive 7.1.3

No. It won't be possible to access drive A if it's slaved to machine B (and you booted from the drive in Machine B).

Drive encryption uses a boot-drive specific key. All drives on each system are encrypted with a unique key particular to that system.

Each allocated user has a copy of that system-specific key encrypted with their personal user key.

So, you can't move a 2nd drive to a system using a different boot drive - the encryption keys are different.

If you want to access a drive, you need to either boot it, or boot up from a CD/USB stick containing DETech (which can load any system key).

If you slave a drive from Machine A on Machine B, then boot machine B from a WinPE DETech CD/USB, you'll be able to access either drive, but not both together. 

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